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I live outside Boulder 🏔 Colorado and am building💰Omella. I previously started 💬 Remind, in San Francisco.

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📚 Improving education: and are how I’m trying to do this. I’m generally interested in the intersection of FinTech, Education and am obsessed with helping customers. As one friend said, “I go unreasonably deep trying to understand their problems”.

📈 I started with my brother David in 2011. It’s used by 30M active users and 80% of U.S. teachers, who send billions of messages. The vision is to give every student an opportunity to succeed, but it all started with one: Mrs. Whitefield. We raised $60M from John Doerr, Chamath Palihapitiya and Naval Ravikant + a few more. Remind is growing (hiring!) and I’m on the board.

🧾 We started Omella in 2019 after seeing thousands of educators struggling with collecting money. It’s still early days but we have a small set of customers who love it, we’re growing and are well funded. More here soon...

💵 Startup investing: I invest tiny checks in startups. (Carta, Filecoin, Primer, etc...) but the majority are through Rolling Funds (Sahil’s fund) or syndicates (Not boring) via AngelList. I’m especially interested in Education, FinTech, consumer and B2B.

📣 Press & Media: NYT, Forbes, Edsurge, First Round Capital, WSJ, Wikipedia, Google, Measure What matters.

❤️  When I’m not building Omella, I’m either with my family or on the basketball court (C- center at best, but I’ll outwork everyone 💪🏼). I care a lot about health: fasting and reversing pre diabetes.

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